Services & Fees | 服务及收费

Consultations | 会诊 0-13 years/岁 14-17 years/岁 18+ years/岁
Enrolled 注册病人 Free 免费 $13 $19
Repeat script (enrolled pt)
Free 免费 $5 $10
Casual 非注册病人 Free 免费 $35 $55
Overseas 非居民 $70 $70 $70
Administrative charges | 行政费
Postage/fax fee 邮寄/传真费 $5
Printing fee 印刷费 $1/page 页
Medical Checks | 体检
Driver medical 驾驶执照体检 $35/$50 (casual)
Insurance/work/visa medical 其他 $60+
Nursing service | 护理服务
Nurse consultation 护士会诊 $10
Nebuliser 喷雾器 $5
Smear/use of speculum
Ear syringe 洗耳 $15/ear 耳
Intramuscular injections
Dressings 敷料/包扎 $20
ECG 心电图 $35
Other services | 其他服务
IUCD insertion 放置宫内节育器 $60
Removal of IUCD移除宫内节育器 $20
Pregnancy test 怀孕测试 $10 (negative test 阴性)
free 免费 (positive test 阳性)
Skin biopsies 皮肤活检 $40+
Minor surgery 小手术 $120+
Liquid nitrogen 液氮治疗 $15-$25 initial 初次治疗
$10-$20 followup 跟进治疗
This is a price list for common procedures only. Medical staff will inform you of charges for any special procedures whilst obtaining consent. You have the right to decline any procedure, please discuss any issues related to the procedure with our medical staff.