We are a Cornerstone accredited multilingual general practice, all our staff are fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Pregnancy flu vaccination 怀孕期间流感疫苗接种 English

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Our clinic is not currently accepting any further new patients, sorry for the inconvenience.
请注意:本诊所已不收新注册病人,请原谅。 (家庭成员是本诊所病人除外)。

Text messaging is our preferred method of communication. Please speak to our staff to update your contact details if there are any changes. 

Due to The Privacy Act we can only release your information to a nominated person with your consent. We will make our best effort to inform you of abnormal lab results as soon as possible. If you are happy for us to discuss your result with your family, please inform our staff.